Catalog displays all information related to your search solutions’ structure.

Categories Tab

The category tree displays the structure of your shop's catalog.

Catalog - Categories Tab

Categories Search Box

You can search for a category in your Categories section by typing the category name in the search box. The auto complete function will complete your typing according to existing categories in this section:

Catalog - Categories Search Box

Select the category you are looking for by clicking on it and then on the search button. The system will locate the category and display it colored in blue. The category's product list will be displayed on the right side.

Category Details Section

This section displays all the information related to the category you selected:

  • Status
  • Synonyms
  • Campaigns
  • Mapping Rules
  • Products

The Edit button can be used to edit the Status or Synonyms.

Catalog - Category Details Edit


The status drop down will allow you to determine if a category is enabled or disabled. The default condition is "Enabled". Disabling a category means the category and all the products under it will no longer be used by the system to identify matching products following a search query.


You can easily add synonyms to the category you selected by typing the synonyms in the synonym box, then clicking the Add button.

You can't edit a synonym’s text. To change the text you need to delete the synonym and enter the new synonym you want to add.

Campaign Information

If the category you selected has a campaign associated with it, its details will appear on the category details area: The campaign name, the campaign dates and the campaign status:

Catalog - Campaign Information