Account Settings

Account Settings lists all your account information as was entered upon registration. You can change all of the information listed in except the language choice you made. The screen displays General and technical information.

Account - Settings

Account - Search Result Messages

General Account Information

This section contains general information about the account as entered by the Celebros account manager.

Technical Information

This section contains additional information related to your account.

Website URL

The URL of the website using the Celebros search.

Website Platform

The underlying webserver platform of that site.


The type of currency to return for the searches.

Allow Multi-Selection of Refinement Values

Select Yes in order to activate the Multi-Select function on your web site (after you completed the work required for your site's UI to support this function).

Analytics Account

The analytics account used for the feedback from the site to Celebros data population (eg. autocomplete)


The industry vertical of the site.

URL Prefixes

Customers using relative paths in their link related information in the data file (Image link and product page link) will need to enter the link prefix in the Link Prefix so the system can support their relative path link format.

Failing to enter a default link prefix for customers using relative paths will result in data file validation failure.

A different default link prefix can be entered for each working profile. To select this option select the “Use a Unique link prefix for each profile” option.

Search Results Messages

The wording to be used for feedback messages related to search.

Profile Management

The profile management section allows shop owners with multiple profiles to manage them through this page. The default profile that will be displayed after login will be the first one created.

This profile name will be displayed in the drop-down at the top of the page. You can select, via this drop-down menu, any other active profile you have.

Account - Profile Management

Set as default

Check this checkbox to make the selected profile your default.

Price Refinement

Select price if you wish to associate a price refinement with this profile.

Search Results

Select desired option to set the scope of search results to be associated with this profile:

  • Enable all search results: means the system will use the entire catalog to return search results for this profile.
  • Limit search results to subset of catalog: means the system will use only the category selected by you to return search results for this profile.


Select desired option to set the scope of search results to be associated with this profile:

  • Enable all refinements: means the system will use all refinements for this profile.
  • Manually select refinements: means the system will use only the refinements selected by you for this profile.

Sign Out

Use this option to log out of Celebros Studio.